Sunday, January 15, 2006

Working sick on the weekend

My uniform a pair of sweatpants and a gray sweater, my computer an outdated laptop with no battery power and no Internet access, my mousepad "Dr. Seuss's ABC," and my lunch a super-sweet cup of coffee, I sit on the bed in my sick-stupored state this Sunday afternoon getting ready to churn out a couple of pieces that were due last week. There is hope that I can make headway on one before my kids come back home and start bouncing on the bed.

One of the downsides of working for yourself when you don't follow a good schedule -- like I didn't last week -- is working on weekends or when you are sick. For me right now, it's both!

There are no complaints though, since last week I didn't do much other than spend time at school with my kids. That was a treat and one of the main reasons I still freelance even though both of them are in school now. If I were to go back to work, there'd be none of that running out to the school for lunch or reading time, and those are things I have grown to treasure.

So I plug away on the weekend, sick with some kind of vicious virus, remembering the good times of last week and vowing to stick to my schedule this week!

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