Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One thing leads to another

The past few weeks for me have been busy ones as I've kept up with my writing along with negotiating for a couple of new freelance positions. It seems that one thing has led to another in my work, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

I am now in charge of publicity at a nonprofit organization in Eastern Arkansas, and a position as freelance writer and layout artist seems pretty sure at a new central Arkansas newspaper.

The publicity position, which includes putting out a quarterly newsletter and an annual report along with writing press releases and other materials, came about from doing some features on the nonprofit for a local newspaper for whom I've been freelancing weekly stories since I started working from home.

The director of the nonprofit and I had briefly discussed me taking on some freelance duties months before, and he contacted me a few weeks ago to ascertain my current interest in the project. I was, and over the course of the next couple of weeks we met and found out what each expected of the other, and we decided to go ahead with the partnership. I'm currently working on supplying text for the 2006 annual report — next year I will take over the production of the entire publication, save for the printing — and the winter newsletter.

The layout and writing position with the newspaper came about from my association as the editor (since the Summer 2006 issue) of yet another newsletter for a nonprofit organization in Eastern Arkansas. My design skills came highly recommended from the president of this nonprofit to the editor of the newspaper, who happen to be well familiar with each other as father and daughter. I received a call from the young lady and met with her and her editor last week.

A followup call later that week determined our continual mutual interest in the partnership, and I was also offered some freelance writing work with this newspaper. I accepted that as well and was given an assignment on the spot. I look forward to finding out the decision on the layout work.

This newspaper, a monthly publication that debuted in October, can be accessed online at

Now I am busy scheduling and completing interviews for my new projects, and have quite a bit of work to do within the next month. I have two newsletters and an annual report due the end of December and hopefully a newspaper to lay out for release the first of January, along with my weekly feature writing that I have been doing for the past few years.