Friday, January 06, 2006

Leaving the office

Quite a change was in store for me when I started working from home for the newspaper that had employed me for 15 years.

Ever since the birth of my daughter Rose four years previously, people had been astounded that I took my children to work every day and had asked, "How do you get anything done?" I had just smiled and replied that I managed just fine. After starting to work from home I figured out why that was so puzzling and began asking myself the same question of my office-mommy years: Exactly how HAD I gotten anything done?

Oh yeah, cable TV and personal entertainers, that's how. There was none of that at home, only a mommy with her face to the computer and cabinets and drawers to explore.

There was a tremendous upside to working from home even still employed by a company. It did come with a decrease in pay but also with fewer hours and much less responsibility. A mammoth weight was lifted off my shoulders. I literally felt revived and energized, no longer collapsing into bed at the first chance every evening. There was a rebirth going on inside me, and with it came the desire to be both a good mother and a good newspaperwoman. I even kept the house cleaner!

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