Thursday, January 05, 2006

Becoming a working mother

It's fairly simple to become a working mother, or at least it was for me. You're working, you have a baby, you have to continue contributing to the family income and presto! A working mother is born. It's a lot easier to become one than it is to be one, that's for sure.

I had an interesting circumstance my first four years of being a working mother. I took my children to the office with me. When I was there, which was around 30 or so hours a week, they were there. I didn't get a whole lot done for the first few months with my first daughter as it seemed the nursing breaks were just as frequent and lengthy as the working spells. Eventually though, things smoothed out and got easier.

I eased my way back into working, coming only three days a week and then up to four after I used all my vacation time. After I was promoted to editor of the small newspaper when my older daughter was still crawling around, I decided it would be a good idea to come to work every day.

A couple of years and another child later, things changed again as I began working for the company from home. That eventually led to my work as a freelance writer, one of the best ways there is to be a working mom!

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