Friday, January 27, 2006

Dressing the part

A change in my usual work outfit was called for one day this week. Should I say, a change in my outside-the-house work outfit, being as my normal work garb includes sweats and fuzzy slippers in the winter and a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops in the summer.

When I have to leave the house for work in the summer I put on a comfy skirt and top and sandals. My out-in-public work outfit this winter has been a pair of black slacks, a shirt topped with a zipup black hoodie sweater, and either black flats or my walking shoes. Hey, I'm all into comfort now, but at least they are black and gray. I do look a bit like someone walking to work in a big city, except I don't have a big bag with real shoes in it; I have a big bag with a first-aid kit and a Barbie doll in it.

But I couldn't really wear that outfit today, or at least I didn't want to, since I had an interview in a downtown office that's in a fancy bank building overlooking the courthouse square. Now, I'm not into dressing to impress anyone, but the thing is my black slacks are starting to look a little shabby — make that quite a bit shabby — from so much washing and wearing. They're also starting to get a little too big, which in and of itself would be a good thing, but that's the only pair of black slacks that I have that I like to wear. I get stuck on the same outfit, if you didn't get that from the first paragraph.

Feeling like I'd rejected something or someone important, I opted for a button-up sweater (one without a hood!), skirt and boots instead of the frayed pants and athletic shoes. I almost felt official, like I was kind of important. (Actually I go to the Kingdom Hall three times a week and out in the Bible ministry regularly and dress like that all the time; just not for work!) I rather wished for my running shoes when I was out footing it all over downtown snapping photos, and would probably have looked more like the small-time journalist I am had I worn them.

My next interview was at a skating rink, a place where the shabby-looking pants and athletic footwear wouldn't have seemed out of place at all, but I figured if you're going to be dressed wrong, at least be overdressed! It didn't take me long after I got home to take those confining clothes off and slip into my warm fleece, though! Now that's my kind of work outfit!

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Wendy said...

"Confining clothes" - that is the perfect description. I'm so much the same, and that's one of the things I hated about working in an office, being strangled and squeezed by pantyhose and uncomfortable shoes. Give me comfort any day!