Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Help, I can't find my desk!

The work-at-home mom's desk is supposed to be a little cluttered, since she's obviously doing two jobs at once, but the situation on my desk has gotten completely out of hand.

The cubbyholes and shelves aren't in too bad a shape, although they do need some organizing. The problem is the flat desk surface itself. Along with my plethora of notebooks, folders, pens and pencils and my planner, I have batteries, cough drops, play money, bottles of nail polish, tea tree oil, and hand sanitizer, stacks of school photos and coupons, kids' hair clips, and a kids' keyring guide to American Sign Language.

Oh yeah, there's a CD released by the child musician I'm writing about today along with stacks of info about him, a calculator, my daughter's school papers, and for some strange reason there is a wooden clothespin. We don't even use clothespins.

It's obviously gotten quite out of hand. The bad thing is I clean this desk off every few days. I mean moving the pictures up on the top around to dust and everything. Well, that's only because the top of it is black and I HAVE to dust it regularly.

When I clean this thing off today I'll think of some easy ways to maintain it and will report back. Or at least I'll find somone who knows how to keep her desk clean and I'll let you know what she says!

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