Monday, June 30, 2008

Great places to find freelance writing jobs

Freelance Writing at's list of lists is finished! She's been posting lists of places to find freelance writing jobs and the list is now complete.

Here are the links:






Hopefully this list of lists will yield some results for you work-at-home writer moms out there. I have applied for several jobs I've found on these lists and have gotten a few of them. One of them I plan to accept.

Happy writing!

Monday, June 23, 2008

More places to find freelance writing jobs

Freelance Writing at has released the fourth and fifth installments of its series of five lists of places to find freelance writing jobs! (Whew, if that wasn't a run-on sentence I don't know what is. My apologies to my dear 10th grade English teacher!)

List # 4

List # 5

I've been doing some online hunting the past few weeks and really appreciate these great lists. I've posted previously about the other three lists. If you missed it these links will take you to the first three lists.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Microsoft Office aggravation

I posted yesterday about getting Microsoft Office Live but have experienced problems with the regular Office program on my laptop today. I thought that new Wordpad documents would work even after the time limit on the program that came with the computer was over, but it turns out that new Wordpad documents convert to Word after they are saved and closed. That doesn't help me any because right now I can't even copy text from a Word document to save it in something else.

So as things are right now I'll have to email myself my Word documents, open them on my desktop, copy the text and email them back to myself if I need them on my laptop.

That's the free solution, anyway. I can also get a 60-day trial of it. I think I'll end up having to buy the cheapest version of it for my laptop.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Microsoft Office Live

Microsoft Office has a new (or at least it's new to me) feature ... it's available online for free!

Microsoft Office Live

I signed up for it today and hope it will help with all the going back and forth between two computers I've been doing lately.

I have a nice version of Microsoft Office (the version with Publisher on it since I use that to create my newsletters) on my desktop computer. Since I got a laptop and then got it hooked up to wireless Internet I've been using the laptop for most of my Internet needs the past few weeks. It's much faster plus the screen looks much better. The monitor on my desktop is shot and the Internet and hard drive is pretty slow since I've got so much stuff on it. But the desktop must remain my main working computer because of Office being on there, plus it's hooked up to a printer.

You upload documents to share on your Office Workspace, so I've put a few things on my workspace, specifically my resume and writing samples documents. I'm not sure if you can edit documents in your own workspace but I imagine I'll find out.

After I've had a chance to better check it out I'll report back on how it really works.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another list of places to find jobs

Freelance writing at has published its third (of five) list of places to find great freelance writing jobs.

I've previously posted about the first two lists; links to them are also included in this third list.

I took a look at the first link (to a Yahoo group) and an ad for a copy editor for the state paper here was right at the top. So I think that group would be well worth the time it would take to look it over.

While you are checking out the lists of places to find jobs, be sure to subscribe to the freelance writing newsletter. It's full of this kind of helpful information.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm wireless!

We finally got my laptop hooked up to the Internet with a wireless connection!

We got the laptop back this spring and my husband has been wanting to get it hooked up to wireless ever since then. He bought me a wireless router and hooked it up, but it wouldn't work properly. It kicked me off the Internet entirely even. I had to call the phone/Internet company and they said we needed to get an Ethernet card. We needed that to hook up to the Internet from our PC instead of the USB port we had been using. (Our PC is an old computer. We bought it in 2000 and have gotten many more years of use out of it than we expected.)

In the meantime I still had a dialup connection so I hooked my laptop up to that sometimes in the phone line upstairs. (The dialup is gone now but I don't need it anymore anyway!)

We got the Ethernet card last Friday night and my husband spent a good portion of the day Sunday getting the wireless connection going. He had some rough spots during the process but he kept at it and was finally successful that evening. I was so impressed and so thankful and still am.

I absolutely LOVE it. Wireless is awesome. My laptop is awesome. I am able to use it and get on the Internet anywhere in the house.

I will have to continue to use the PC as my main work computer because that is the computer that has Microsoft Office. Right now I have the laptop right beside the PC and I'm using the desktop for working/writing stories and the laptop for accessing the Internet, and I'm alternating between the two. Yes, I get distracted easily!