Monday, January 30, 2006

Clothes cleanout forced

Being a work-at-home mom who doesn't like housework — make that utterly detests housework and so therefore avoids it as much as possible — things around the house tend to get a little cluttery while I sit at my computer composing feature pieces or just sipping coffee and reading blogs.

The clutter that accumulates certainly includes my clothing drawers. I was rooting through a drawer for some knee-highs to wear to an interview yesterday and had just said that I needed to clean my drawers out and get rid of some stuff when the whole thing fell out, face down no less. A forced cleaning! That was probably the only way it would get done, anyway.

I threw some stuff away, put some in the donation pile, and even found some stuff, including not one but two pairs of black knee-highs! Now I just need to clean out the rest of the drawers along with my closet since I intend to go to the thrift store this week and make out with a nice haul of outfits for work.

While I'm at it I need to vaccum the floor, wash dishes, clean out the tub, start supper ...

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Pattie said...

I can SO relate to this!
Pattie from Writers Remember

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