Thursday, January 19, 2006

A full day with the kids around

An increase in productivity doesn't seem to happen when my children are at school, rather I seem to get on the ball better with them around. The kids are both home from school today sick, but no one is violently ill and it certainly seems that they've put me to work.

Here I am before 10 a.m. sitting down at my desk to work with motherly chores already behind me — breakfast has been served and cleared away, the dishwasher has been loaded, and the washer and dryer are hard at it. Leftover stew that I fixed in the slow cooker yesterday is on the menu for either lunch or supper, and I'll pull something out of the pantry for the other meal.

Given my track record of late I doubt all of that would have been done by this time had they both gone to school!

We have lots planned for the day — reading together, homework, and taking in some fresh air when it warms up this afternoon — so I'm going to set a couple of appointments and whip up a short story now and get that out of the way.

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