Wednesday, January 18, 2006

An increase in productivity?

The kids are both in school now and that gives me some definite time each day work hard and get everything done, right? Wrong. It's beautiful quiet time when I can sit and drink a couple of cups of coffee undisturbed. I can read the newspaper, post on message boards, and write in my blog with no one whining that they are hungry, no one yelling because someone took their stuff, and absolutely no one smarting off at me. If you don't count the cat, that is.

I had big dreams of doing all this work while the kids were gone to school. Since I have several hours a day in which to be quite productive, one would think I would take advantage of it and really crank out some work. Or do something beneficial.

Actually, now that the girls are in school the options are wide open. I could go back to school! Get a real job! Oh wait no, not that, definitely not that. I have too much fun with the coffee-drinking at 10:30 a.m. and would probably get an attitude if I were to be told I couldn't run out to the school whenever I wanted. That would never do. I don't think I'll go to college now and I'm definitely not going to get a job, so I guess I'd better start getting some work done here!

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