Sunday, July 06, 2008

Writing for free

For you work-at-home writer moms like me, do you/have you write/written for free?

The freelance writing blog at is talking about this right now.

I commented on there, and my answer was in the minority.

Basically, I said NO. I am first and foremost a mom who is just trying to work enough to help with the bills and feed the kids, and I just can't afford to give my work away. Exposure, etc. is nice but I can't use that to pay my mortgage and utilities every month. Those companies don't accept that for payment of their services so I can't afford to work for that.

I may have the luxury of being established enough so that I don't have to work for exposure, and I don't knock anyone who does that. I do have a problem with writers selling their work so cheaply that it drives the going rate down for all of the seasoned writers out there. I'm not that high-priced but I believe excellent work such as the kind I produce should be accordingly compensated.


Ally said...

Honestly, I am surprised you're opinion is in the minority. I haven't had a chance since my holiday to comb through all those comments, but I did see them come in and was surprised that so many people wrote for free to get a clip! Anyway, thanks for the link. ~Allena,

Ally said...