Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More freelance writing job resources

It seems like lately I've been spending a little time every day (or almost every day) looking for jobs online. This is a new thing for me but it seems to be working out okay. I have been offered a few of these jobs that I have applied for and one of them I did follow up on. It is for an online/print magazine. I send some story ideas today and hopefully one or more of them will be accepted.

One of the places that I've been looking for jobs is the Morning Coffee newsletter at FreelanceWriting.com.

Also on the site is a Freelance Writing Jobs Feed that posts offerings from a number of sites. I haven't ever used any of those sites but I know writers that have.

The Online Writing Jobs site lists tons of writing related jobs. You can go through them there or through the Online Writing Jobs section at FreelanceWriting.com.

You can post your writing profile for free at FreelancePortfolios.com, and those needing writers can post for free as well.

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