Friday, July 18, 2008

Free online university writing courses

There are several universities that offer free online writing courses! That's perfect for us work-at-home writer moms who are trying to juggle the kids and the budget along with the projects we need to complete.

The list of universities offering these free courses is pretty impressive:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

* Introduction to Fiction
* Writing and Reading Short Stories
* Advanced Essay Workshop

Utah State University (

* Intro to Writing Academic Prose
* Intermediate Research Writing
* Technology for Professional Writers

Open University (

* Fiction Writing Course
* Descriptive Writing Course
* Essay Writing Course

University of Utah (

* Introduction to Shakespeare
* Introduction to Creative Writing

Western Governors University (

* Rhetorical and Critical Writing
* Language and Communications
* Literature Course - Parts I and II

Purdue University (

* Pattern and Variation in Poetry
* Proofreading Your Writing
* Conquering the Comma

Steven Barnes' UCLA Writing Course (

* 9-Week Introduction to Screenwriting Course

News University (

* Cleaning Your Copy
* Beat Basics and Beyond
* Covering Breaking News


E-Zine University (

* Writing Clearly and Effectively
* Conquering Confusing Words
* Quick Ways to Clean Up Your Writing

Wikiversity (

* Introduction to Web Writing
* Technical Writing Courses
* Narrative Dialog Editing

Be sure to check out the listing for more information about these schools and their free classes. I'd like to find the time to take the News University courses along with the E-Zine University offerings.

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