Saturday, July 05, 2008

Job feeds at

A few days ago I mentioned the Job Feeds on Freelance Writing. I wanted to expound on it because it is a really great time-saver for freelance writers looking for work.

What this service does is take all the writing and writing-related jobs from renowned job posting sites like Craig's List, Online Writing Jobs, and other sites and presents them to you on a single screen. To make it even better, the feeds lists prints the details right on that same screen so you can just read down the list without clicking anything if the job detail doesn't match what you are looking for.

Here are some of the job sites on the Job Feeds list:

Get a Freelancer



RentACoder (This is great because I never could figure out how to find the writing jobs here)


Online Writing Jobs


Craig's List (This one starts with job listings in New York but there are links to click for other major cities in the U.S.)

Simply Hired

Writing Career


Freelance Blogging Jobs


I'm not endorsing any of these sites since I haven't used them all but you may have your favorites and want to go right to them.

Or you could just go to the Job Feeds list and work from there! They're automatically updated!

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