Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trying something new

Since this blogging revival I'm experiencing started, I began to think of adding advertisements to a few of my blogs, in particular this one and I Hate the Kitchen, my collection of really easy and cheap recipes. It was something I had never done before although I've had this blog and another parenting-related one, Living the Mom Life, for quite some time.

After a lot of thinking about it and toying around with the idea I went ahead and started an account at one of the more popular advertising sites and installed some advertising panes on this site and the recipe blog.

I installed some ads on my history blog, Historical Happenings, but removed them because I felt like they took away from the "old" feel of the blog. I decided not to try to put any on the "mom life" blog since I'd have to do some template adjusting (it's in the old Blogger) or some code deciphering, which I have forgotten how to do.

I'm pleased with it overall but think it needs a bit of adjusting.

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