Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Transitioning work posts

My transition of work posts from my archaic, slow desktop to my new, lightning-fast laptop is nearly complete. I've placed most of the files I need on my laptop and started my trial of Microsoft Office Small Business 2007.

I actually only need one component of the small business version of Office: Publisher. Everything else on there that I use, which is mainly just Word, is compatible with the free Open Office software I have now. Open Office Writer and Word understand one another perfectly and I am able to use Writer on the laptop and Word on the desktop interchangeably, with no problems whatsoever.

The Publisher component of Office I need for work so I can produce newsletters for a few nonprofit organizations.

A few evenings ago I downloaded the small business trial so I can work on my newsletters on the laptop. The trial lasts for 60 days. If I have really used it on the laptop I will purchase Publisher only. If it has not been of that much benefit I will just let the trial lapse without purchasing the program.

I do love the speed of the laptop and the more programs there are on it, the slower it runs. For that reason I'm putting as few files and programs on it as possible. I'd like to keep it mainly for Internet use. For the times that I need to email files that are on the desktop, I just save them to a CD and pop that in the laptop.

The transition is going well so far, and I hope it continues!

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