Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blogging revival

I've had a blogging revival lately and I love it.

After my son was born I basically ignored this blog and my other one, Living the Mom Life. I had intended to keep up with both of them, especially "Mom Life" since it's about parenting in general and I had wanted to journal all of the wonderful moments with the baby. But those moments came and went and so did my blogging opportunities. A photograph of me pregnant, posted the day my son was born, stayed up for nine long months on my "Mom Life" blog before I made another post. I think I can count on one hand the number of blog posts I made here in all of last year.

I missed it terribly though, and even began to think of starting another one. Ridiculous thought, I figured, but this new blog would be about something I'm passionate about, history, and of course there is no end to new information. (Same with parenting and working from home with kids around and see where that got me last year!)

Despite that fact, I went ahead and started Historical Happenings. I posted there fairly regularly and updated the original two blogs as well, but then that dreaded thing called lack of time and energy happened again, and the posts on all three fell off again.

Summer break happened and I had to start cooking for all the kids and I decided I'd collect easy and cheap recipes and keep up with them -- guess how? -- through a blog!

I Hate the Kitchen was born and along with that, a blogging revival.

I've updated all of the blogs several times a week and some of them daily for a few weeks now. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and really hope I can keep it up. The scheduling feature really comes in handy because I get on a roll on one topic and can schedule posts for days to come. What fun!

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Mom to Tweens said...

Great to see you back to your blogging! I totally agree - life takes over sometimes and it's hard to commit time to the blogs!..Laurie