Thursday, March 23, 2006

So many distractions!

It has been so very difficult to work this week, though I have been trying! It's spring break and so of course my children are home, getting quite needy and demanding every time I start getting into my grove!

It's also my sister's spring break, and she and her husband have been here most of the week. We've had a grand time eating, shopping, napping, and movie watching in what we have dubbed their Grand Spring Break Eating and Sleeping Tour. (It started out as a vacation close to home where they were going to visit several museums and I dubbed it the Grand Spring Break Heritage Tour. Their plans changed so a name change was also in order.) Needless to say, between all this eating and shopping, I haven't gotten much work done.

It's also spring break for my nieces and they have been here pretty much all day. They painted, watched movies, played like sharks, and in general kept up a whole lot of racket, and all that was after an eating and shopping trip!

I guess it's time to stop worrying about getting work done and start really enjoying the fun. It's spring break, after all!

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