Saturday, March 04, 2006

Branching out

Since the tax return money I was going to use for normal expenses this month is going toward something else, I'm looking into avenues for work that I haven't until now explored.

A writing friend of mine private messaged me about a writing assignment she thought would interest me on Rent-a-Coder, a site where writers bid for the projects. Indeed I am interested. There is a possibility that the writer who's bid is accepted will be used for other related articles. I have several up my sleeve but seriously doubt that the bid I'm going to make will be accepted.

There are a few other things I have up my sleeve. I'd like to turn a post in my blog Living the Mom Life into an article for one of those sites that pays for web content, perhaps Associated Content or Constant Content.

I have my eye on applying at a few other web content sites as well. The pay for web content writing is terribly low, especially compared to the newspaper writing I'm used to doing, but these pieces won't take long to prepare.

In addition, I have a couple of queries to submit to an online magazine that pays reasonably well. Submitting those is also on my list of things to do for work this weekend. Maybe a few of these things will work out. I'd love to get my foot in the door in this avenue of writing.

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