Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A new opportunity

A new opportunity in my freelance writing career has presented itself to me. A nonprofit organization with whom I have had a relationship throughout my years in the newspaper business has asked me to produce its newsletter.

I would write, take the photographs and do the layout for the entire 12-page quarterly production. The company would take care of the printing, which is good since they are getting ready to add some desktop publishing to their wide array of offerings.

I'm excited about this new opportunity and honored that this organization that I so highly esteem would ask me to take over the production of this important publication. I haven't officially accepted yet but it's now just down to a budget discussion, which I expect will go fairly smoothly. I've got plenty of ideas for stories and a few slight adjustments in layout, and I'm ready to get to work on it!

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Cinnamon Henke said...

Yeah!! Good for you! :)