Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Disappointed again

Every time I look into doing some web content writing I am sorely disappointed. The first time was a few months ago, when I decided I'd like to try getting into some other types of media. I didn't know how good I had it in the print arena. The pay for web content writing is absolutely ridiculous, as in a few dollars for a few hundred words! I was horrified, to say the least, and I dropped the issue.

A few days ago, propelled by a need for a little extra money — it wouldn't be "extra" money, it'd be bill money — I decided I'd investigate further. This time I knew the pay was bad, but I have a few things already written and some things that would take very little time to put together. I had the names of a few web content sites that my Internet writer friends submit to, so what could go wrong this time?

This time I was quite dismayed at all the rules and instructions I was expected to wade through. I just figured I'd register and then slap a few things up there, but it does not work that way at all. There are lists of do's and don'ts probably longer than the articles I would submit, and I get pretty wordy when I start writing.

Disgusted again, I got up from the computer to go do something without all the long list of instructions and with a guarantee in pay — my print media work! Maybe I'll go back and read all the rules, and maybe I won't. I don't know how many disappointments I would have to go through to actually get the good news that someone had bought my work.

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Cinnamon Henke said...

aww I'm sure something will come up!! If it's something you love you just have to keep at it!