Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tax figures that don't quite compute

We got that tax return filed yesterday — with the exception of me taking back the papers I had to bring home for my husband to sign after he got off work — and that is a big load out of the way. We are getting a nice refund, thanks to those deductions we get to take because I work for myself from home. We arranged to have it direct deposited into my husband's account.

Now here's what's funny about him getting all the loot: I keep up with all the little figures and slips of paper all year long. I spent nearly a whole day computing all those figures, and then I took all my folders with papers all clipped together neatly over to the tax office. His contribution to the whole tax refund effort was giving me his W-2 form. Now how is it that he gets all the money deposited in his account? Somehow that doesn't quite add up.

Oh yeah, he's the one with the good-paying job. He'd be the one that paid the taxes in the first place! Makes more sense now! We always put it toward something that benefits the whole family.

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Cinnamon Henke said...

Aw yes, the old "I make the big money, so it goes in my account" lol. That's how it was here too, but we did spend it all on the family so that's ok :)

smbwallace said...

Haha, everything is share and share alike here and he didn't even think of that until I jokingly brought it up! He was happy to hear it was going in his account (actually its OUR account but he's the one who uses it; I have my OWN!!) so maybe I should worry about that!