Sunday, February 26, 2006

Need to update tax figuring method

By the time I got all those tax numbers computed — mileage, extra income, expenses, major expenses, and utilities — yesterday the tax office next door was closed. That's just about right. Well, at least I got them all ready. I can take them next door in the morning so we can get this ball rolling.

Last year was my first year to be working solely for myself — I've been freelance writing for two years but the first year I also had a night/weekend job and was doing more independent contract work in yet another area — so I'm eager to see how much we get back.

My method of keeping up with actual pieces of paper and figuring it all up with a pencil, a calculator and a piece of paper seems rather archaic and I'm thinking of trying another method. I've been told Quicken and Turbo Tax are the way to go. I understand that I put the figures into Quicken throughout the year and then import them all into Turbo Tax when it's time to file tax returns. I'm leery of my ability to use these programs but my friends over at the Mommy Jobs message board assure me that I can do it!

I mentioned this updated method to my husband — whose contribution to filing tax returns is finding his W-2, walking next door with me, signing his name on the papers, and providing a check to pay for the service — who didn't seem to think it was the most brilliant idea in the world but he did admit he's thought of trying Turbo Tax. We shall see.

Right now there are more important matters to attend to — how to spend the tax return. Now he always has plenty of grand ideas for that!

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