Thursday, February 09, 2006


There's nothing like a good ole movie for the kids when Momma needs to get some work done. Yeah, I'm supposed to get my work done while they're gone to school, but supposed to and actually doing are two completely different things. Of course we're in the middle of February, but summer is coming along and we work at home moms will have to be pretty creative as we try to have some peace and quiet while we work.

Sometimes, though, you just run out of creativity, you run out of time, and you just plain run out of patience. That's when a movie can save the day, or at least your sanity for an hour or so. One that came through our door yesterday will not only get me some quiet time and will come in handy on a trip up to my sister's house, it took me back to the carefree days of my childhood. It's a three-plus hour collection of old Pink Panther cartoons from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Now, I don't advocate three hours straight worth of television watching for kids or anybody, but things do get desperate sometimes. Besides, I doubt the Silent Pink One will hold their interest for the entirety of the show. It might mine, though. Because the Pink Panther didn't talk and thus was unable to say ugly things or bad words, we were allowed to watch it as children. It was the only cartoon we were allowed to watch, for that matter. It came on after school and when we turned the television on, G.I. Joe was going off.

You'd think the mother of a house full of children as my mom was would love television and movies, but she figured that TV was evil and cartoons were particularly bad and thus we watched very little of it and no movies to my recollection. In fact, I don't remember having any VHS tapes or a VCR player when we were kids. My mom has since changed her philosophy and my parents have not only a nice VCR/DVD player, they have an impressive collection of kids' movies for the grandchildren.

We now have a pleasant childhood memory to add to our movie collection and another way for me to keep my girls occupied while I get some work done. You can't beat that.

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