Saturday, June 21, 2008

Microsoft Office Live

Microsoft Office has a new (or at least it's new to me) feature ... it's available online for free!

Microsoft Office Live

I signed up for it today and hope it will help with all the going back and forth between two computers I've been doing lately.

I have a nice version of Microsoft Office (the version with Publisher on it since I use that to create my newsletters) on my desktop computer. Since I got a laptop and then got it hooked up to wireless Internet I've been using the laptop for most of my Internet needs the past few weeks. It's much faster plus the screen looks much better. The monitor on my desktop is shot and the Internet and hard drive is pretty slow since I've got so much stuff on it. But the desktop must remain my main working computer because of Office being on there, plus it's hooked up to a printer.

You upload documents to share on your Office Workspace, so I've put a few things on my workspace, specifically my resume and writing samples documents. I'm not sure if you can edit documents in your own workspace but I imagine I'll find out.

After I've had a chance to better check it out I'll report back on how it really works.

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