Friday, December 19, 2008

Historical writing

Writing World's current newsletter has a very interesting piece on historical writing, something I really love to do.

I've written numerous outright historical pieces and during the past five years of freelance writing have collected some wonderful local histories, firsthand comments on historical events, and the like. My love for local/regional history has grown and when I have time I write about neat facts I've uncovered in my blog Historical Happenings. It focuses on Arkansas and African-American history with an emphasis on people and places about whom/which I have firsthand information and knowledge.

The Writing World newsletter offers a great piece of advice on writing about history -- find something interesting that hasn't been covered a million times already! I treasure these firsthand experiences with area historical events I've collected, like one woman's take on what it was like to be an African-American student during the time the Hoxie School District was being integrated or another woman's very sharp memories of the years she attended a private boarding school for African-American students in Eastern Arkansas.

Until I decide to compile all of my collected experiences and memories in a better format, I'll continue to publish snippets at Historical Happenings.

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Laura said...

I like your history stuff, always something new to learn about and I'm always amazed that there's so many interesting places here in Ar.