Friday, October 03, 2008

Getting started in the print market: Tutorial part 9

Don't brush the Internet off

The final part of getting started in freelance writing is making good use of the Internet. Yes, I know I said I don't advocate the Internet as a direct source of jobs (that's just because my experience with it hasn't been productive and I really think there is some newspaper ink in my blood) but don't ignore the Internet! It's a great source for information, ideas, and networking with fellow writers and even fellow work-at-home writer moms like me!

I have found some websites that have a lot of good information on them. I have compiled a list of helpful websites. My favorite is the message board at, and then most of the writing sites in my list have message boards as well.

Be sure to take a look at my writing website since it might have some ideas for you. After looking at that you'll see that almost everything I write is human interest. I wrote straight news for so many years and loved it, but this I like even better.

I don't use my writing website as a way to gain opportunities but many writers do advertise their services over the Internet.

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