Monday, May 26, 2008

Sources for freelance writing jobs

I just ran into this blog called "Writer's Resources."

It has listings of current job postings, so it looks like it would be worth checking out.

A blog that has been around for a while and is very well-known for its daily listings of current jobs is

I have been checking it out for the past few days and there is a great variety of job listings every day.

Also, Freelance Writing has a weekly newsletter called "Morning Coffee" that is full of current job listings. You can read it online at or subscribe to the Yahoo group to have it emailed to you.

For more writing jobs, you can go to and click on your city or state, and then go down to "writing jobs." I applied to a couple of jobs that I found there and got a response back from one right away. It was from a fellow freelance writer needing help from time to time. I didn't accept the position but was glad to know that there are legitimate writing jobs posted there. Some of the jobs posted at the previously mentioned sites are actually from Craigslist, so you can find those listings at the freelance writing job blogs I mentioned or just go directly to the site and search for positions in your area.

I've been perusing through online job postings for the past few days, but haven't devoted much time and effort to it. I have been much more successful in finding work in the local print market, which is another avenue freelance writers don't want to overlook!

Happy writing!

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