Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking for ideas

Though I'm not sure how I'll fit much work in around a bunch of kids this summer, I'm looking for story ideas/work.

In my search this evening, I ran across some interesting places to find jobs.

I opened my freelance writing newsletter from and it has a link to a great list of places to find freelance writing jobs. It looks like a really good list.

Here's the link to the list.

While not helpful with local story ideas this list looks like it would be worth taking some time to check. Since I began freelancing more than four years ago I haven't found one job online but there's always a first time. I actually did put a lot of time into looking online when I first started out but I had no success. All of my jobs came from local publications and have continued to do so. Since I'm looking for more ideas/work I'll take some time with this list, too.

One of the sources in the list, the weekly newsletter "Morning Coffee" from Freelance Writing contains dozens of pretty good job leads. I signed up for the Yahoo group freelancewritingjobs to receive email notification every Tuesday about the new edition, but it looks like the newsletter can be accessed directly on the website.

There are some other really good sources on the list as well.

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