Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mommy Circle blog posting free work at home ecourse

This note from The Mommy Circle just came to me via email:

I just wanted to let you know, in case you haven't visited The Mommy Circle blog lately that there is a F R E E Work at Home eCourse being posted. This free eCourse will run for 7 days and cover topics including an introduction to eBusiness, working from home, eBay Profits, planning your first web site, promoting your business on a budget and more. I'm sure you'll enjoy keeping up with the course and all the very helpful information included. It is not only informative, it's encouraging. I enjoyed it very much myself. Today is Day 1 Introduction to eBusiness. Follow along with the Work from Home eCourse at http://www.themommycircle.com/blog.

The Mommy Circle is one of the fine work at home resources I have in my listing on my writing website. Be sure to check out the site and blog and even the ecourse!

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Madthas said...

This is a group for sharing the joy of Motherhood, and everything that goes with it. Now, who doesn't have some joy in Motherhood? Come share stories, brag, play games, give or get advice, vent about whatever you need to, or just lend a listening ear. No Drama, No judgment, just easy going mommas, gathering in a circle to share life! Now come in, sit back and enjoy.