Monday, March 24, 2008

Helping mom work

My children frequently accompany me on work trips, but one we took in February was special because I was asked to take some photos of them to accompany my story.

We were touring the White House in Miniature display at the William Jefferson Clinton Library and Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. I photographed them looking at the display and wrote a story about a child's viewpoint of the display.

Here is a scan of the story and photograph. You can get a better look at it by going to the
STAND News website and choosing the option of reading the March issue.

The girls were in the paper once before; that was a fluke. We were touring the Ozark Folk Center near Mountain View, Arkansas. We were there doing a story on another person, but I photographed them with a lady who makes old-fashioned dolls. I ended up writing a story about this lady for the Three Rivers Edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and they used pictures of the girls watching her make their dolls to go with it.

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Laura said...

How exciting! I tried the link you put to see the article better, but it doesn't work. :(