Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Microsoft Office Suite

I just got the Microsoft Office Suite!

I needed Microsoft Office Publisher to create my two newsletters and for other work-related tasks and decided I may as well get the whole thing, the small business package that includes Publisher.

I went online to download the free trial version at and I now have the whole thing for free until the end of March. I will be purchasing the program then.

Something unexpected happened when I downloaded the program -- all my Wordpad documents were automatically converted to Word documents. While that was a tad disconcerting at first, it turns out that Word is way better since it counts your words for you. I very rarely have to count my words but that feature came in handy tonight since I was writing a story that was supposed to be 300 words. (I held it to 400.) It does lots of other neat things that I haven't explored.

The Publisher program works great as well, and I'll be using that instead of Adobe Pagemaker to create the newsletters for two nonprofit organizations.

It feels good to be caught up with the rest of the world!

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