Sunday, June 18, 2006

Making work fun

In an effort to try to get back into a somewhat normal routine after moving the end of last month, I've pretty much scheduled up the normal amount of writing work for myself these past three weeks since the move.

Of course, I failed to take into consideration that our first days and weeks at our new home would also be the first days and weeks of summer vacation for my children, but we've made the double transition quite well.

We've done all of my newspaper story interviews together as usual, with them coming home with all sorts of treats like buttons from an antique store and sets of rewriteable magnets from an office supply store. After one of those interviews we stopped and ate lunch and then went to the movie store. It was special to us because neither of those particular places are available where we used to live.

We've also stopped by their grandparents' house on our way back home from another interview. Everyone was surprised to see us so that was fun, too! We'll be able to make more of those impromptu stops this summer, I'm sure.

There'll be other fun things we can incorporate along with my work this summer as well. We have a whole big city to explore and I'm sure we can do a lot of it after work!


EntertainUs said...

I'm a bit lost. Are you meaning Job interviews? With your kids?

smbwallace said...

I meant interviews for my newspaper writing work! Sorry to be so confusing ... it's not the first time someone has thought I meant job interviews. If that is so, boy do I ever go on a lot of those! I clarified the confusing term. Thanks for pointing that out for me!